Animal cruelty can be defined in several forms. It includes intentional acts of cruelty against animals, but it also involves animal neglect and failure to provide for the welfare of an animal that you are supposed to be in charge. For example when an animal is deprived food, shelter, water or veterinary services. The penal code of California prohibits intentionally torturing, mutilating or wounding a living animal. These offenses can be considered either a misdemeanor or a felony. If you have been charged with this crime in Irvine CA, visit this website for more information about bail bonds to avoid prison time.

Here are some examples of animal abuse for you to understand better the meaning of it:

  • A person who leaves his/her house for weeks at a time, leaving animals caged or tied up without access to sufficient water or food and in extremely cold or hot conditions.
  • A person that accumulates several animals in a 7 1/2  foot by 11-foot trailers giving them insufficient space, such as cats for example.
  • Cockfighting: This type of animal abuse is an organized fight between two roosters who have been trained to injure or kill their opponents, and they are equipped with razor sharp metal implements called gaffs that permit them to stab directly to other opponents. Allowing cockfighting for amusement or financial gain, being present on cockfights, selling, buying, exchanging or possessing gaffs designed to attack other roosters and keeping roosters for cockfighting are some of the thigs that the penal code prohibits.
  • Dogfighting: This is similar to cockfighting but with dogs. You violate California’s dogfighting penal code when you own or train any dog with the intent to participate in dogfighting, provoking a dog to injure or kill another dog in a preplanned dogfight for amusement or financial gain and attend a dogfight as a spectator.
  • Leaving an animal in an unattended vehicle: This consists in leaving animals in an unattended car that puts in danger the health of the animal. These conditions include hot or cold weather, lack of ventilation, lack of food or water or some other circumstances that could cause suffering, disability or death to the animal.
  • A person who mistreats animals just for fun, if there´s evidence of it, this will be considered as a felony charge.
  • Poisoning animals
  • And everything that has to do with beating and bodily injuring animals.

Penalties for animal abuse

  • If you are convicted due to cockfighting, you will face a misdemeanor punishable by one or more years in jail and a fine of $5,000. Second or subsequent convictions might guide you to a felony offense and greater penalties.
  • Being a spectator of dogfights leads you to a misdemeanor offense, punishable for one year in a county jail and a maximum 5$5,000 fine. Any other type of offense is a felony, punishable by a maximum fine of $50,000, and up to 16 months or three years in jail.
  • If an animal doesn´t suffer any injury while being inside of a car, the fine will be of $100, but if it does suffer bodily injuries, you will face a maximum of $500 fine and six months or more in a county jail.

There is no question that animal cruelty needs to be punished, and if you have been charged due to this offense, you will need to contact an attorney to assess you in every legal situation and a bail bond agent if you can´t afford to pay the full bail. This video also gives more examples of animal cruelty and its punishments.